5 Capsule Jewelry Staples Every Woman Needs

Building a capsule jewelry box is one of the best ways to invest in your closet. The right jewelry can elevate any outfit. Accessories are the perfect way to add a splash of your personality or develop your signature style. Having a capsule jewelry box means choosing a handful of pieces you can mix and match together to create an endless number of looks.

At Lucery, every piece of jewelry has a story behind it. We believe that jewelry is more than just an accessory. It’s an extension of who we are. Whether it’s a crystal necklace or pearl earrings, everyone has a signature jewelry style.

You can reinvent your style or start building a capsule jewelry box with just 5 pieces. The secret to capsule styling is to choose pieces that work for any occasion and that you naturally gravitate towards.

We’re sharing 5 of our favorite capsule jewelry staples from Lucery to give you inspiration for investing in your closet.

  1. Adventurous Tenacity Ring

Ring stacks are one of the biggest jewelry trends right now. ‘Adventurous Tenacity’ is a classic architectural helix design, made with 18k gold-plated 925 sterling silver. This design is inspired by endless innovation and blends contemporary and timeless trends for a signature piece. Wear it solo or stack with other rings.

Check out our guide on how to style gold chunky rings for inspiration on how to wear this staple piece as part of a ring stack.

  1. Enchanting Moonlight Necklace

Everyone needs a signature necklace. It’s the piece you can wear every day as a reflection of your personal style. Our ‘Enchanting Moonlight’ necklace is a contemporary take on the classic freshwater pearl necklace, creating the illusion of floating pearls with a delicate star-shaped zirconia pendant.

This necklace has a celestial feel that captures the allure of the night sky, incorporating pearls and zirconia on an 18k gold-plated 925 sterling silver chain.

  1. Audacious Sparkle Ring

No capsule jewelry box is complete without a little sparkle. If you’re a fan of ring stacking, you’ll want to invest in the ‘Audacious Spark’ ring. Available in silver and gold, this chunky ring is inspired by the eternal spring with zirconia stones for added sparkle.

  1. Energetic Euphoria Bracelet

A bracelet is one of the easiest ways to elevate an outfit. You want to choose a bracelet style you can wear solo or stack with other bracelets to make a statement. Our ‘Energetic Euphoria’ bracelet is a contemporary silver style with a paperclip-inspired silhouette. The geometric links make the bracelet a versatile piece you can mix and match with different metals or gemstones.

  1. Audacious Ambiance Drop Earring

While we love statement earrings, your capsule jewelry box should have earrings you can wear for any occasion. Our ‘Audacious Ambiance’ drop earrings are a subtle silhouette that works with any hairstyle with a sleek, polished look that captures the idea of modern sophistication.

Looking for more inspiration for your capsule jewelry box? Shop our best-selling gold and silver jewelry and explore our blog for styling ideas.

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