How to Choose Your Bridal Jewelry

After saying ‘yes’ to the dress, you’ll want to start thinking about your bridal jewelry. While your wedding dress is the showstopper, the accessories will define your look. Bridal jewelry is a way to add your personality to your wedding look. You can think of them as a personal touch.

Many brides use jewelry to represent their ‘something old’, ‘something borrowed’, or ‘something new’. Choosing your wedding day jewelry requires you to consider the silhouette of your dress, your everyday style, and what pieces will look timeless.

We’re sharing our tips on how to choose your wedding jewelry and our top picks for bridal earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.




How to Choose Your Wedding Day Jewelry

When you’re choosing your bridal jewelry, consider the styles you wear every day. Just like your wedding day makeup, you want your jewelry to reflect your personality and incorporate your style. Your wedding day isn’t the time to try a radically different style. If you don’t typically wear hoop earrings, they probably won’t be your choice of bridal jewelry.

Consider what type of jewelry you feel comfortable in and what you reach for on a regularly. If a pearl bracelet is your signature, you’ll want to incorporate it into your wedding day outfit.

We recommend choosing your bridal jewelry after buying your wedding dress. Your neckline and silhouette will determine what type of jewelry you can wear on your wedding day. If your wedding dress has a high neckline, you’ll want to shift your focus to bridal earrings. By comparison, if you have a strapless wedding dress, it’s the perfect silhouette for a freshwater pearl necklace.

It's easy to get caught up with trends when planning your wedding outfit. You want your jewelry to feel authentic to your style. Choose bridal jewelry that speaks to you, instead of relying solely on trends.


Our Top Bridal Jewelry Picks at Lucery


Are you not sure where to start with your bridal jewelry? We’re sharing our favorite wedding day earrings, bracelets, and necklaces below to inspire you. Our Bloom of Love’ collection is our most popular choice for bridal jewelry. 

  1. Bridal earrings

Almost every bride will wear earrings on their wedding day. You’ll want to consider the neckline of your dress and your chosen hairstyle. If you’re wearing your hair up, you can choose a drop earring like ‘Whispered Secrets’.

  1. Wedding day bracelet

A bracelet is the perfect choice for your ‘something new’ for your wedding. Choose a timeless style you can re-wear as a reminder of your special day. ‘Fearless Odyssey’ is a classic tennis bracelet silhouette.

  1. Necklaces for brides

If you’re wearing a necklace with your wedding dress, choose a style that compliments the neckline. The necklace should sit on your skin and not the dress itself. ‘Empowered Pursuit’ is a timeless necklace that is perfect for a strapless wedding dress or for a more intimate wedding day look.

Looking for more bridal jewelry inspiration? Explore our best-sellers or shop our ‘Bloom of Love’ collection for freshwater pearl wedding jewelry.


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