How to Style Gold Chunky Rings

No outfit is complete without the right jewelry. Gold chunky rings are one of the biggest trends for spring/summer 2024, adding an antique touch to any look. Gold ring stacks are one styling trend we can’t get enough of. It’s a quick way to elevate any outfit and add a sense of your personality with gold stacking rings to suit every aesthetic and jewelry box.

You can make a statement with a bold ‘Trailblazingring or minimalistic by stacking our dainty ‘Shiny Confidence’ rings together. Gold rings are one of the best investments you can make in your closet and easily incorporate into your daily rotation.

Whether ringing stacking is your signature look or you’re new to the trend, we’re sharing our top tips on how to style gold chunky rings with our favorite Lucery pieces.



Choose Which Finger to Wear Your Ring On

The first thing to decide when styling a gold chunky ring is to choose which finger to wear it on. You can wear gold rings on any finger or every finger if you feel like it! There is symbolism to wearing a ring on certain fingers, and some ring styles look best on your thumb or index finger.

  1. Pinky finger: best for smaller bands or miniature signet rings. Wearing a gold ring on your pinky is considered a sign of intelligence.  
  2. Thumb: ideal for making a statement and to showcase your personality. Our ‘Adventurous Tenacity’ring is a chunky gold ring you can style on your thumb.
  3. Ring finger: the most romantic way to wear a ring, also symbolic of creativity, ideal for stacking rings of different sizes.
  4. Index finger: wearing a gold ring on your index finger is a power symbol and portrays confidence. ‘Fearless Pursuit’is the perfect choice for your index finger as a chunky gold ring that’s effortlessly chic.
  5. Middle finger: rings worn on your middle finger are a sign of wisdom. It’s the best finger to choose if you’re wearing just one ring. Our ‘Audacious Sparkring is a showstopper that can take center stage.

Stacking Gold Chunky Rings

There are different ways to style gold rings, from layering multiple rings on one finger to creating a chunky stack across multiple fingers. Sticking to just one gold ring can give you an elegant, understated look while mixing and matching your favorites can create a unique ring stack that reflects your personality.

Create your signature gold ring stack by pairing a statement ring with a smaller silhouette, like styling ‘Bold Frontier’ and ‘Shiny Confidence’ together. These stacking rings are perfect for wearing with gemstones or other gold jewelry, including the Optimistic Momentum’ bangle.

You can spread your gold rings across multiple fingers or create a one-finger stack using two or three different sizes. It’s usually easiest to style the largest ring in the middle of the stack or above the smaller ring.

Shop our range of classic and chunky gold rings, or find out about our latest ‘Exploration’ collection here. 

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