Ring Stacking 101: How to Stack Your Everyday Rings

Your jewelry box is a treasure trove. While you only wear a couple of necklaces or bracelets at once, ring stacking gives you the ultimate freedom to show off your personality. Ring stacking is the simple trend of stacking rings, usually of different styles, on top of each other on one or more fingers.

Although ring stacking usually focuses on dainty silhouettes, you can add a feature piece with smaller rings to accentuate its look. What we love about ring stacking is that there are no rules. It’s a jewelry trend you can truly make your own.

Whether you’re experimenting with ring stacking or it’s your signature look, Lucery has rings you can add to your everyday stack. We’re sharing some of our favorite ring stacking tips and go-to combinations with our best-selling Lucery rings.
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What is Ring Stacking?

Ring stacking is a simple layering trend of placing two or more rings together. You can keep it simple with ring stacking on one finger or go all out with multiple fingers. Stacking is all about experimenting with metals, textures, and styles to show off your personality. It’s the perfect way to keep your rings in rotation and get the most out of your favorite pieces.

If you’re a fan of earring stacking, you’ll love the ring equivalent. This trend has something to offer everyone, whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist at heart.

How to Wear Stacked Rings

While there aren’t any rules for wearing gold and silver stacking rings, you’ll want to keep a few tips in mind.

  1. Balance your rings

It’s easy to overload your rings on one hand. Doing this creates an unbalanced look as if you’ve forgotten half your jewelry. If you’re stacking rings on more than one finger, split them across both hands for a more uniform look.

  1. Mix Metals

Let your gold and silver rings get to know each other by stacking them. Many of our favorite Lucery rings, like the ‘Dazzling Dare’, are available in both metals for easy stacking.

  1. Choose a statement ring!

If you’re going all out with your ring stacks, choose one statement style to be the focal point. Our ‘Fearless Freedom’ is an eternity band style with cubic zirconia for a dazzling sparkle.


How to Style Your Ring Stacks

Ring stacking is a jewelry trend with no rules, letting you be as creative and bold as you want. You can choose a signature ring stack to wear every day or swap out your stacks to match the occasion.

  1. Don’t be afraid to be minimalistic!

Ring stacking might sound like a maximalist trend, but you can make it more understated with dainty styles. Your ring stack doesn’t need to have more than two or three rings on one finger for a ‘less is more’ look. Our ‘Shining Confidence’ ring is a classic silhouette for effortless stacking.

  1. Show off your personality

Choose rings that reflect your aesthetic and style. Ring stacks are an easy way to wear your heart on your sleeve (or your fingers!). Pick your favorite rings and play around with stacking them together. Your ring stacks should have a personality that matches your own. If you have a preppy aesthetic, our ‘Bold Trailblazing’ ring is a feminine take on the classic signet style.

  1. Add sparkle

Take your ring stack from day to night by adding a touch of sparkle. Look for semi-precious stones and gemstones to add to your ring stacks for extra shine. Our Audacious Spark’ ring is a conversation starter.

Build Your Ring Stack with Lucery

Are you ready to build your signature ring stack? We’ve got every style you need for your everyday stack. Shop our best-selling rings here.


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