The Statement Choker Makes a Celebrity-Approved Comeback

Jewelry trends are circular – just like your favorite fashion moments. There’s one jewelry piece making a major comeback in 2024. The classic choker. While the style was popular in the ‘80s and ‘90s as a punk rock accessory, it dates back thousands of years, first made by Sumerian artisans in roughly 2500 BC.

Flash forward to 2024, and chokers are everywhere you look. The Grammys’ red carpet was filled with celebrities wearing chokers, from Taylor Swift’s glittery choker with a watch face center to Janelle Monet’s minimalistic black choker.

                                            taylor swift@recordingacademy

Although chokers have never really fallen out of style, they’re back in the spotlight after filling the runway for spring/summer 2024. Every type is having a moment – from timeless tiered pearl necklaces to ribbon styles.

You get the best of both worlds at Lucery with our Timeless Connection’ and ‘Daring Endeavor’ chokers. We’re sharing everything you need to know about the celebrity-approved trend and how to wear a choker every day.

Choker Necklaces - 2024’s Biggest Jewelry Trend

Chokers were everywhere we looked on the Spring/Summer 2024 runway, with luxury fashion houses like Dior and Louis Vuitton putting them center stage. We’ve seen almost every celebrity trying out the style, from Margot Robbie at the Barbie premiere to Uma Thruman at the Cannes Film Festival.


What makes chokers so appealing is their versatility. You can wear them solo and let the necklace speak for itself or layer with longer chains for a bolder statement. A choker is an accessory that works for both the minimalists and maximalists at heart. It’s a necklace that makes it easy to play with texture and color, whether you want a modern take on pearls or a contemporary leather chain.



How to Style Your Lucery Choker

A choker should be the focal accessory of your outfit, and you want to balance it with other jewelry. Wearing a choker can sometimes shorten the appearance of your neck, so styling it with drop earrings can counteract this.


The gold ‘Unyielding Exploration Drop Earrings’ make a perfect match for either of our choker necklaces, adding warmth to your outfit and accentuating the necklace detailing. Do you want a more minimalistic look? Swap them out for the ‘Vibrant Vitality Drop Earrings’.


Our pearl choker is the perfect way to channel your inner Lady Diana. You can give this timeless silhouette a contemporary twist and a touch of sparkle with our ‘Untamed Opulence Hoop’ earrings.


Don’t forget about rings! If you’re experimenting with choker necklaces for the first time, a ring stack can also balance out your look.  Pair the ‘Audacious Spark’ ring with the ‘Uplifted Spirit’ ring for an eye-catching conversation starter.


While chokers might be a Y2K staple, their 2024 comeback is about going back to basics and rediscovering classic styles like pearls. Layer your choker with chain pendants for an everyday look or wear them solo for a subtle statement.


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