With Love from Mother Nature: Meet Our ‘Exploration’ Collection

Jewelry is the ultimate form of self-expression and draws inspiration from the world around us, whether it’s pop culture moments or famous artwork. Our ‘Exploration’ collection is a love letter to Mother Nature with its timeless pearls and woodland-inspired silhouettes.

Nature-inspired jewelry is a summer trend we keep coming back to, and that lives in our jewelry box all year long. We’re deep diving into our ‘Exploration’ collection, sharing our favorite pieces with styling tips to get you ahead of the Spring/Summer 2024 jewelry trends.

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Pearl Jewelry Inspired by the Sea

Nautical-inspired jewelry is everywhere you look – and it’s a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. While its popularity is partly from the rise of trends like mermaidcore’, it’s also become a modern take on classic pieces like pearls.

Our ‘Baroque Teardrop Pearl Necklace’ features a teardrop-shaped Baroque pearl at its heart with lustrous freshwater pearls, a nod to the mythology of Aphrodite. Pearls are considered the ocean’s jewel as a natural and environmentally-sustaining gem.

Pearl jewelry takes its inspiration from the mystique and beauty of the ocean, capturing its ethereal radiance. Our ‘Fearless Flourish’ bracelet captures the rebirth of spring with its irregular freshwater pearls, a nod to the sea, and its golden blooms.

Nature Inspired Jewelry

The ‘Exploration’ collection takes inspiration from the world around us, including woodland adventures. This collection invites you to step back into your childhood fairytales with classic styles and silhouettes inspired by the beauty of mother nature.

The ‘Unrestrained Radiance’ bracelet features gold discs of contrasting shapes inspired by woodland treasures, like the leaves on the forest floor. Our ‘Audacious Drive’ earrings are inspired by the raw beauty of nature with its golden nugget texture, a subtle nod to the gold rush of the 19th century.

Our collection takes inspiration from nature’s motifs and intricate patterns, appreciating it through abstract silhouettes with textured metals.

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How to Style Nature-Inspired Jewelry

Our nature-inspired jewelry for women offers a contemporary twist to classic silhouettes, like our ‘Untamed Fortitude’ hoops inspired by the dynamic shape of flames. The ‘Exploration’ collection includes silver and gold jewelry, so we’re sharing our favorite styling tips for how to wear our best-selling pieces.

  1. Choose a motif or theme

Keep your jewelry styling simple by choosing a motif or theme, whether you feel called to pearls or teardrop silhouettes like our ‘Unyielding Exploration’ earrings. Sticking to one motif gives your look a more balanced feel.

  1. Mix your metals

Take inspiration from the contrasting beauty of nature by mixing your metals, whether you’re earring stacking or keeping it simple with contemporary silhouettes. Stack our silver and gold ‘Dazzling Dare’ rings for a seamless, everyday look.

Shop Nautical Inspired Pearls and Earthy Gold Jewelry

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